The Killing

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Studio: Sarofsky
Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
Executive Producer: Rachel Steele
Client: AMC



The concept is based on the crane cables (ropes) that pull the car from the water in the final scene.
The idea that, deep in the lake, these cables were at work, pulling Rosie from the depths, resonates with the show’s theme in many ways: the interwined cables representing the layered stories of all the characters affected by the crime, the blackness of the Seattle lakes as the things that are kept hidden away by everyone, the slow crane pulling up akin to the slow resolve that is yet to come.
Seattle would be shot in a way that gives it personality, a moody style that relates to the show, with slight perspective inclinations and frame mismatches, negative space and shallow depth of field.
The tree leaves that appear in some frames try to impress a sense of fragility and the calm before the storm.






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